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Nov 2013
Jurek passes VGP with Prize 1 / 305 Pts, Kiwi & Lasso pass AZP/Solms with Prize 1.

Sept 2013
Atawa passes the VC test. Indy & Luna pass Solms/AZP in Illinois. Brice's son Arrow passes VC.
Aug 2013
Bob & Irish pass their VGP with 299 pts in Alaska. Brice passes AZP in New Hampshire

Sept/Oct 12
Congrats to Hunter, Irish, Isabella, Ivan, Katrina, Kensley, Kylee
for completing their Solms/HZP.

9 Jun 12
Hondo & Indy receive a Derby Prize 1 in WI

3 Jun 12
Indy, Jomar & Kiwi
receive a Derby Prize 1 in MI

26 Apr 12
Hoyt, Jurek, Kylee &
Kensley receive a
Derby Prize 1 in WA

31 Mar 12
Isabella, Ivan & Klaus receive a Derby Prize 1 in TN

31 Mar 12
Kansas & Katrina receive a Derby Prize 1 in SD

V1/V2 Club
Asia, Brice, Ella, Hondo, Hoyt & Indy

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** Ella x Indy pups arrived on 24 March (4 boys & 4 girls)

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We are a select Deutsch Kurzhaar (German “Registered” Shorthaired Pointers) Kennel located 1 Hr + 30 mins west of Pittsburgh, PA. I personally travel to Germany to select the best hunting and companion bloodlines.

The Deutsch Kurzhaar (DK) is a truly versatile hunting dog that can hunt feather or fur game. Our breeding program emphasizes temperament and structure. We firmly believe that great puppies can only come from great dams that have proven themselves in the field and show ring.

We have a strong and loyal customer base where families and friends have purchased puppies from us. Our dogs serve as guide dogs, work search & rescue and are lifelong companions.

Thank you very much for visiting our web site and considering us,

Jorg and Paula

Photos of the Month

See the below links and watch Phoenix doing cadaver training at 4 mos.

Milo in South Dakota

Quella "Zula"  4 mos old in TN   
. . Quincy 4 mos old in CA . . Piper in Florida . . Ottie working wild pheasants in Montana


Payton (8 mos) knows how to fly


Luna in Kansas

Quella with Kaiser the nanny

Our Mother line "A" is from the two oldest German kennels, Pöttmes and Silesia est. in 1903.
KS Roxi Pöttmes

Kiwi von Kings Crossing

Olivia von Kings Crossing


Our Mother line "B" is from two other famous German kennels, vom Wittekind and vom Hege-Haus.

Dusty vom Holtvogt

Ella von Kings Crossing

Our Father line is a unique combination of vom Wittekind with older German bloodlines.

Zunder vom Wittekind

Brice von Kings Crossing

Hondo von Kings Crossing

Lasso von Kings Crossing

Indy von Kings Crossing

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